Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT7) Review: The Ultimate Aquaponic, Refugium, & Freshwater Aquarium Solution

Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank

This article provides a comprehensive review of the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT7), a 3.25-gallon tank designed for versatile usage in aquaponic, refugium, and freshwater setups. We delve into the tank’s unique features, benefits, warranty, and what real users are saying about it.


In the world of home aquariums, it can be a challenge to find a fish tank that offers both aesthetics and functionality, but the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT7) might just be the perfect blend. This compact but robust aquarium boasts a unique 3-chamber system, offering unparalleled versatility and a chance to create a mini-ecosystem right in your living room.

Products Information:

Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank

The Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT7) is a 3.25-gallon tank, designed to offer multiple habitats within one aquarium. It features three separate chambers, each can be customized to house different species or plants, allowing you to create a balanced ecosystem. With its compact design, the tank fits perfectly in various spaces, while its transparent walls offer a clear view of the underwater world you’ve created.

As a fish tank, the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank shines in terms of design and usability. But what sets it apart is its ability to serve multiple functions. It’s not just a fish tank; it’s an aquaponic system, a refugium, and a freshwater habitat all in one.Also checkout koller product plastic 6 gallon aqua view 360 aquarium kit.

Why people prefer This product:

One of the reasons people are falling in love with the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank is its versatility. Whether you’re into aquaponics, desire a refugium for your pet fish, or simply want an aesthetic freshwater aquarium, this tank caters to all. It also provides a unique opportunity for educational activities, allowing kids to learn about different habitats and life cycles.


The tank’s 3-chamber system is its standout feature. Each chamber can be utilized for different purposes – one can be a habitat for fish, another for plants, and the third can be a refugium. The transparent dividers ensure a clear view of each chamber.

Additional Features:

Beyond the 3-chamber system, the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank includes a built-in filtration system to ensure clean and healthy water. It also comes with an LED light system, which not only highlights the beauty of your mini-ecosystem but also provides necessary light for plants’ photosynthesis.

Warranty & Service:

Penn-Plax offers a 1-year limited warranty on the Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank. Their customer service is responsive and ready to address any issues that may arise with your aquarium setup.

Other Users Opinion:

Users rave about the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank’s quality and flexibility. Many appreciate the educational value it brings, especially for children. Some users have highlighted the ease of setup and maintenance as notable benefits.

Final Verdict:

The Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT7) is an exceptional choice for anyone seeking to delve into the world of aquariums. With its unique 3-chamber design and added features, it provides an opportunity to create a vibrant and educational ecosystem in your home.

Pros and Cons:


  • Versatile 3-chamber design
  • Built-in filtration system
  • LED lighting system
  • Great for educational purposes


  • Limited to a 3.25-gallon capacity
  • May require careful monitoring to maintain balance between chambers


In conclusion, the Penn-Plax Triad AquaTerrium Fish Tank (REPTT7) is a versatile, well-constructed aquarium that offers more than just a home for your fish. Its unique design, added features, and educational possibilities make it a worthwhile investment for aquarium enthusiasts.

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